We believe in straight-forward and predictable pricing. As such, we charge a fixed settlement fee of $500 for all of our closings, which is split between the parties as set forth in the contract. Additional fees which may apply to a closing include, title insurance premiums, title insurance service charges, recording fees, fees charged by lenders, wire fees, etc. You can get a quote specific to your situation by clicking on the link below:

We offer numerous options for closings, including e-signatures, video notaries, remote notaries, and closings in our office. We do not charge any additional fees for notary or closing services as these fees are included in the settlement price.

In addition to offering closing services and Old Republic TItle Policies, we can also provide ancillary services, such as drafting contracts, preparing loan documents, drafting documents for “subject-to” or other creative transactions, and more, through our affiliated law firm, rickdavisLEGAL. You can learn more about rickdavisLEGAL by going to